We Help Property Developers Create Unbuilt Visions of the Future


PLACE XR is the ultimate real-time, interactive experience-suite designed to showcase and sell off-plan property developments. Through a simple touch interface or full immersion via VR headsets, potential buyers can fully experience any future build environment.

  • Engage potential buyers through Touchscreen, Mobile, or Virtual Reality.
  • Remotely present off-the-plan developments to anyone anytime with our interactive web browser.

Cinematic Video

Create stunning cinematic videos showcasing your unbuilt project to potential buyers.

360 Experience

Capture every angle of your project for the ultimate viewing experience.

VR Walkthrough

Let potential buyers walk through any space to visualise furniture, fixtures, and project scale.

Capture Leads

Engage potential buyers and capture their individual needs. Customise and compare individual properties, units and apartments.


Fifty5ive, Manchester UK


One Two One, Hong Kong SAR


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